It's sunny outside, and just like a stereotypical Sunday afternoon, I'm sitting at my desk, enjoying the subtle breeze and bearing the mentally exhausting work load.

I'm listening to some really good songs too, chilled and happy, and the current one in particular reminds me of when I was 16 and how life was so comfortable then. Though it was a comfort bubble in which nothing was real, and which I'm glad I'm no longer in.

It does remind me as to what made me happy then though, and just furthers my desire to find it.

Does it get frustrating to read my blog and have no or little idea as to what I'm going on about?
Haha...I guess that's why no one does read it.

I'm really worried about these exams. Because of the fact that I have no motivation, or am not stressed. This time last year was teardrops, but this year - none of that. Why?!
At the moment I just don't care anymore, I just don't want to work any longer.

I can't wait till they're over though, time to spend with friends and having fun, looking for a new job for the summer, and other things too...

Bring on the sunglasses. Hyde Park. Havaianas, Frapuccino's...


Commenting on another blog reminded me that I haven't written here for a while.

That's probably because there hasn't really been much to say, or much point.

Once again I'm going through the hellish, pre-exam, revision nightmare phase that I stupidly signed myself up to 6 years for.
God when people warned me that my chosen path wasn't going to be easy, they weren't kidding. Infact, they were under-stating it!

It does really make me want to make the most of London and free time when they're over.
That along with the fact that I generally feel much more settled and at home now.

I put up a profile on a well known specific-dating "detection" website recently.
Well, I say dating...everyone else there seems a lot more promiscuous.
It's probably not going to result in anything interesting or worthwhile, but not being out is so hard sometimes...this just seems like the next best thing for now.

Oh well. Hopefully this summer I will be much more settled and free, both mentally and physically, to explore...

For now, I had better get to work on trying to pass these exams!


Weak rays of spring sun shine down over London from the clear blues above.
Spring is here...ish.

There're plenty of great tunes beating through my speaker box.

Positivity floats over from new horizons in the afternoon air.

I have many things to look forward to:

In just two days I'll be performing at one of the West-end's most prestigious theatres, to an audience of more than 1,500 people.
I'm surprisingly unnerved about it.

I also can't wait for it to be over, for normality to resume, lectures, seeing friends, early dinners, no more late rehearsals.

2 up-and-coming birthdays, meaning fun with friends.

An exciting open-day at another institution offering an enticing diversion, with new challenges, people, ideas, experiences and places.
Passion reignited.

Home in a few weeks for Mum's birthday, a reunion with family.

Has anyone been watching Medicine Men Go Wild on Channel 4?

I love it. Both of the presenters. Inspirational. And the concept. Interesting, really, really interesting.

There're loads of great songs out and about at the moment, some of which include:

Alphabeat - Fascination - Such a happy, summer song - my fave of the moment - and Azuric's official "Song for Summer 2008"

Snoop Dog - Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dog. Singing. Whodathunk it?

The Wombats - Moving to NY - Absolute Choonage.

Delinquent - My Destiny - The new T2 Heartbroken - the drop is so bassline!




How to start after such a long time without posting?

And what to write about?

Apart from the usual I've been so busy at uni blah blah blah...

Well there is a horrible amount of work to do, which is only going to get worse no doubt, till the end of exams in June.
And also rehearsals towards a performance to over 1,500 people at one of London's finest theaters. Gulp.

But I do have a weekend away with friends to look forward to before it.

Other than that there's not been much else to report. I'm no longer working, but hope to resume my position in the summer, or even find a better job.

And speaking of summer, this being one of the last two or three I'll have before the enslavery of my future career grips hold of my life, I really want to make the most of it and possibly go travelling for three or four weeks.
Bank account allowing that is.

Even then, summer living in central London will be amazing enough.

I want to learn to play the guitar over it if I can. Or actually pursue one of my passions and interests.

I'm going to have to make some important decisions about the rest of my course at the end of this year, and have been thinking about possible career changes too.

Apologies, this is all quite sporadic, but so are my thoughts at the moment.

Bye for now.


Such a good advert. I love the guys silver trainers too.


December. Already.

It's funny how at uni you lose all contact with the outside world and that regularity with the calendar you had at school.

It still barely feels like Christmas at the moment, but that's probably because I've not been out anywhere so haven't been exposed to the rampant consumerism, and Christmasness of it all.

Yesterday in Starbucks was the first time that it felt festive. Hands up who else has noticed how they've just latched on to Coca-cola's marketing strategy what with the red cups and mugs and bags with pictures of people giving each other coffee. Remind you of this at all?
I only knew about the bags because I bought a Starbucks travel mug. I know, I'm a brand whore. But it's so cool.

I'm pissed off because I'll have to miss my School Leavers Carol service for another year. I've got to stay in London till Christmas Eve Eve (23rd), because I'm working the weekend before Christmas. Plus it won't feel Christmasy here, I want to go home and decorate the tree, play a few Christmas tunes, and sit watching T.V. or reading Dickens in front of the fire.

I know it's old but I'm really loving Adele - Home Town Glory at the moment, and it's quite wintery. Reminds me of cobbled London Streets, bare trees, and icy winds.

Speaking of terrible weather - was anyone else woken by that terrible storm this morning, around 7am. I woke up to hear this howling bitter wind, and thought it was going to pull my open window off it's hinges. And even after I got up to close it, the wind still came through the grate on the wall above my bed. A freezing but exciting experience none the less.

Right, enough random babbling from me, I better get ready and go to hospital to do a bit of Med Student stuff.

Take care for now.


No posts in 2 months. My bad.

I've been busy, and having a lot of fun too. Lots to report and I don't quite know where to start...

Uni has been much, much more demanding this year, with 9 till 5's almost every day and a ridiculous number of things to be learnt but I'm starting a month long clinical attachment soon which should be awesome, aside from the hour-ish commute to the hospital and back everyday.

The flat I'm living in is amazing. Everyone who's seen it has said it's more like a young professionals bachelor pad than a students flat. We have a 46" LCD flatscreen, surround sound, an Xbox 360, and a PS2, as well as an all important dish-washer. My room is bigger than my room at home. And to top it off, my flat mates are really great.

I'm still single, but not minding so much now. A couple of weeks ago ScrubsGirl (my friend who I had feelings for) asked me over to her flat, which is also in the same complex, to tell me something.
It turned out that she and our other really good mate from halls, IndieKid, were going out. I was so unbelievably gutted and I dont think I hid it well. She asked me if it was weird and I kind of said that it was. More because the 3 of us were like a unit and now it'd be all weird.

That was quite a shit weekend, because on Friday I had an interview for a job that I really really wanted and it was surprisingly hard, and then straight after this bomb was dropped on me.

On Sunday night I spoke to SG again, and having decided that I'd have to tell her a how I felt about them two, apologised for not being so enthusiastic and excited for them but explained it was because I didn't want anything to change between us all.

She laughed and assured me that nothing was going to change, and so far it hasn't, well not in front of me anyway. And I guess I should be happy for them. Plus she clearly didn't feel the same way about me as I did about her and I'm glad we're still great friends. I'd rather that than things becoming awkward.

On the plus side...

I got the job. It's as a sales associate at one of the funkiest, coolest, most amazing stores in London. WOO HOO!!

So all in all, that's what I've been up to these past weeks. Nuff said.